Saint Barthelemy

Overview of the city

Saint Barthelemy territory also known as St. Barts is located in the northwest Caribbean Sea in the West Indies. It is a small volcanic island and known as Ouanaloa by some indigenous people and it’s among the four territories in the northeastern Caribbean and referred to as the Leeward Islands. It is having a population of 8902 people. St. Barts is relatively a very small island famous for its white sand beaches and designer shops and comprising some amazing historical attractions and high-end restaurants with beautiful fort Karl perched above the town.


  • Shell beach- If you are looking for a perfect beach get-away, then take a short walk from Gustavia you will get to see lots of activities happening around including sunbathing and swimming in warm and clear water and is an ideal place as well for collecting vacation memorabilia.

  • Grand Cul-de-Sac Beach- you will be offered plenty of facilities and amenities on this beach and numerous restaurants and hotel are available for tourists. The beach also includes sailing sports activities, watersports equipment and is considered to be an ideal destination for windsurfing and kite surfing. 


  • Fresh cuisines are always promised and offered if you visit Maya’s To Go located in St. Jean and comprises breads, pastries, coffees, and rolls. The specialty of the menu here is it changes daily and Mayas are also famous for wines, chocolates, and teas and crackers, it is regarded as the high top bars and is a kid-friendly too.

  • The hideaway restaurant offers its customers quality meals with comfort. It’s got wrap-around porch and is very large in size. It features fresh pizzas, fresh dishes, creamy pasta, Dover sole, and fish dishes and is a kid-friendly area too.