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Here are some of the best things to do in St. Barts to plan your Caribbean vacation - start with them.

St. Barthelemy, better known as St. Barths or St. Barts, is the perfect place for your honeymoon. Whether you are visiting the Caribbean for the first or second time, or the third or fourth time in the region, St Barts is definitely the place to be. Stay at Colombier Beach, considered by locals and tourists as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, with some of the most amazing sunsets you'll find in StBarts. Colombiers Beach offers a great view of the bay of Saint Bartholomew, the largest and most famous beach on the island.

St. Barts also offers some of the best views of St. Bartholomew, the largest and most famous beach on the island, as well as the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

If you like the idea of staying right on the beach, you might as well stay in the matching St. Barts Beachfront Villa. The St Bart Executive Villa is a very modern two bedroom villa overlooking the Corossol side of St. Bartholomew and the beautiful blue waters of the ocean.

This volcanic island of incredible natural beauty is a beautiful island surrounded by warm, translucent water and adorned with sloping hills covered in jungle vegetation. This small island is so beautiful that it is considered one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world by celebrities and travelers alike. There are a number of St Barts holidays they like as well, such as the villa on the beach at St Bart and the beautiful Hotel St Bartholomew.

Although nudism is banned in St Barts, there are plenty of beaches where you can swim in your birthday suit. It's not an exaggeration to say that the beaches of St Barts will ruin your life, but that's the distilled view of it. There are so many beautiful beaches on St. Bart that you are sure you will have a great time at one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

To book a flight to the island, you can use the local airport in St Bart, which is Winair St. Barts Commuter. Although St Bartholomew is separated from the English Channel by St Kitts and St Martin, its neighbours are its neighbours.

Tradewind Aviation (203 - 267 - 3305) offers several daily flights from San Juan to St. Barthelemy, and charter services are also offered to most islands in the northeastern Caribbean. It offers daily scheduled flights to and from St. Barts and also offers charter flights to other islands such as St. Kitts and St. Martin. The only local commercial airline based in St. Barts is Bebe Air, which flies daily from JFK International Airport in New York City to St. Bartholomew's Island. They offer daily flights and connections from the US Virgin Islands and the Caribbean Islands, as well as some other destinations in and around the United States and Canada. Their service is offered every two hours and they also offer charter flights between the USA and Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

Travellers can fly to Saint Barth with Winair St. Barth Commuter or fly to the neighboring island of St. Martin and take off from St. Barth, the commuter has scheduled flights to and from St. Barts.

For squeamish fliers, a JetBlue flight to St. Maarten followed by an overnight stay on the neighboring island of Saint Martin or a private jet is a better alternative. Stay overnight, book a Saint Martin luxury rental car and drive back to Saint Bart before the last ferry departs in the evening.

Take a stroll on St. Barts wild side with a visit to the Toiny Coast, which includes some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and the best views of Saint Barts. Just spend a day flying from Saint Martin to Saint Bart by private jet, circumnavigate St Barts and reach beaches that can only be reached by boat from nearby St Maarten Island or neighbouring islands.

Corossol Beach offers one of the most beautiful and protected beaches in the Caribbean and the best views of St. Barts. Travelers can enjoy the spectacular views from the beach and also see and see some of Saint Bart's most popular tourist attractions, such as the iconic castle of St. Maarten.

During your holiday in St Barts, you should definitely visit the fourteen exquisite white sandy beaches, including the Baie de St Jean. The bay of St-Jean offers calm blue waters and is intended for lazing on the beach, swimming, fishing or just relaxing. If you want to get a nice tan, a visit to the Natural Park of Saint Barthelemy is a good thing.

The activities in St. Barts are almost endless and offer plenty of activities for travelers of all tastes and budgets. It is not only a pleasure for the rich, however, as all beaches are public and easily accessible. St Barts has 21 white sandy beaches and some are crowded, while some of them are either public or free.

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More About Saint Barthelemy