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Although June 1 technically marks the start of hurricane season, it may not be surprising that it is one of the best secrets of the island, but June is still the best month to visit St. Barth. St. Bart has more than 300 sunny days a year, so there is no better destination for a holiday escape. Saint Barthelemy also offers volleyball, a very popular sport on the islands, and parties abound. No wonder this is the perfect holiday destination if you are looking for a relaxing beach - away. In December, the sun will dip you in the sun and there are better destinations to escape to during the holiday season.

In addition, citizens of these countries can use their national identity cards as travel documents when boarding a flight from the Metropolitan of France to Saint Barthelemy. EU countries including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Spain can visit and stay in Saint Barth for an unlimited period of time.

Most international planes cannot fly directly to Gustaf airport, so a small plane has to take off from there and land in Saint-Barthelemy. Visitors can also fly from the French Metropolitan to Saint Barth by private plane.

To book a flight to the island, you can use the local airport in St Bart, which is Winair St. Barts Commuter. Another option is to fly directly to St. Maarten, where WINAIR St Barth Commuters has a direct flight from the newly opened Princess Juliana International Airport. Travellers can fly to the neighbouring island of St Martin and fly by private plane via WinAir St - Barth commuter or take-off - and landing at the airport of the neighbouring islands of Saint Martin - Saint Barthelemy, Saint Barth or Saint Martin. The St. Barths Commutator offers flights to and from Saint Maarten, Saint Kitts and Saint Lucia, as well as other Caribbean islands such as Barbados, Grenada and the Dominican Republic. One of the most popular private airlines to Saint Barth is the Trade Wind Aviation Company.

They offer daily scheduled flights to and from St. Barts and also offer charter services to most of the islands in the northeastern Caribbean. They offer daily flights from Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Barthelemy to St. Martin, Saint Maarten and Saint Martin - Saint Kitts, as well as other Caribbean islands such as Barbados, Grenada and the Dominican Republic. Trade Wind Aviation Company, the largest private airline to Saint Barth, offers scheduled flights to St. Bart Island and charter flights to all other islands in the North East Caribbean and Caribbean.

They offer daily scheduled flights to and from St. Barts and charter flights to most islands in the northeastern Caribbean and Caribbean. Tradewind Aviation (203 - 267 - 3305) offers several daily flights from San Juan to St. Barthelemy. They are the only local commercial airline based in St. Bart and also offer charter flights to other Caribbean islands such as Barbados, Grenada and Saint Martin - Saint Kitts.

Small planes like the Twin Otter are a common sight and it is very likely that you have seen them in St. Bartholomew. If you prefer not to venture on the long and arduous journey from San Juan to Saint Bart, the ferry from Saint Martin is the only real alternative. The crossing between St. Maarten and St. Barths can be quite bumpy, and the crossing from St. Martin to St. Kitts can also cause serious damage to your boat when you are sailing.

The development of St. Bartholomew is based on tourism, as it is located in the middle of the Caribbean and close to the US mainland. The regular visitors are wealthy, mostly of North American origin, and many of them come from the United States and Europe.

There are a few small discos in Saint Barthelemy, as well as local bars that have live bands, but you can expect 3 to 7 inches of rainfall, which is typical, all the more reason to enjoy the sea breeze at sunset on your catamaran excursion. If you're visiting during the season, the afternoon showers can be brief - and a perfect excuse for a power snap. Immerse yourself in the crystal clear Caribbean waters and make sure you are ready for dinner in time for your reservation.

The rainstorms generally pass quickly, but some travelers will find more rain and significantly cooler temperatures in Saint Barthelemy during the summer months, especially in the early morning hours.

If you are looking for dry weather, it is April, March and then June, but the second season starts between May and November. The sky is much brighter than in the early hours of St. Bartholomew in the summer months. If the sky is much drier than in late winter and early spring, then it is also in May or early summer.

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More About Saint Barthelemy